Chamber HR

With Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber membership you have access to Chamber HR, an employment law and human resource benefit

Included in this service is:

  • Telephone advice – available when you want (24/7), and:
  • An online reference manual with hundreds of downloadable documents

This means that you never have to face an employment law or human resource issue alone.

Telephone Advice

  • Available when you want it (24/7)
  • Unlimited access to qualified specialists on any Health & Safety issue.
  • You don’t have to book a call, you just pick up the telephone and call us when you need help
  • You will receive friendly, down to earth and practical advice helping you every step of the way.

For instance:

  • Is one of your employees constantly absent? Pick up the phone for advice
  • Do you have a discipline issue? Pick up the phone for advice
  • Have you a redundancy problem? Pick up the phone for advice

You will receive the advice line telephone number with your Chamber membership.

Subscribing members have access to…

  • A health and safety reference manual which gives professional advice and documentation on a range of health and safety issues.
  • A compliant Health and Safety Policy
  • Template organisation and responsibility documentation
  • The facility to develop a Health and Safety Management System
  • Unlimited access to a health and safety advice line manned by health and safety experts
  • Access to locally delivered training and consultancy
  • The potential to benefit from lower insurance premiums

Members also have unlimited access to a bank of hundreds of downloadable policies, procedures, documents or forms.

For further details contact 01709 386200.