Building strong, effective teams for 2019

Building strong, effective teams for 2019

10:33 07 January in Member News

As we begin the new year, is building a strong and successful team something you are focussing on in your business?

A truly effective team know and support each other, have good levels of morale and are highly productive. They are likely to attend work regularly and most importantly will be focussed on achieving YOUR business goals. Here are 10 things to think about to help you build and enhance your successful team:

1) Does every member of your team know what the goals and aims of your business are for the year ahead?
2) Do you have an effective method of measuring results on both a team and individual basis?
3) Do you celebrate successful achievement of milestones?
4) Do you recognise and reward strong performances?
5) Do you have a process in place to address poor performance (and use it where required……)?
6) Do you promote a collaborative working environment where everyone is encouraged to put forward their ideas and views?
7) Are strong channels of communication in place so that everyone receives a consistent message?
8) What is your strategy to keep the goal/target alive and fresh in everyone’s mind?
9) Are your team members encouraged to give open and honest feedback?
10) If you employ line managers to head up your teams are they 100% “bought in” to your business and the plan?

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