Collaborative Accounts Ltd

Accounting & Bookkeeping

When you’re handing over your finances to someone else you need to know you can trust them to do the job properly – right? Collaborative is owned and managed by Michelle Reynolds. She’s been a finance director in large corporates since she was 33 (10 years ago), managing the bank balance of multi million pound companies. She’s also done her fair share of cost reduction exercises and turnaround projects. In her role she had to make sure the company grew, and grew profitably. She’s been working for herself for over 7 years so she understands the small business world.

Your account will be handled by an account manager so you’ll have a friendly voice you can speak to as and when you want. He or she will be the one who looks after your book keeping, returns and reports. The value added element of our service, though, means that each month Michelle sits down with your account manager to make sure everything is ok. If there’s something wrong or you can improve the way you do things, Michelle will get in touch with you for a chat.

There aren’t many accounting firms who offer this level of personal service. We wanted to offer something more than just book keeping and accounts. Our service means you get your very own accounts department for a fraction of the cost – it’s not just about tapping numbers into a computer – it’s about using that information to drive your business forward.