Next Pixel

Computers, IT & Web

We are Next Pixel, a web design and digital marketing agency passionate about building websites that drive income and increase efficiency, using stunning web design, ecommerce, seo and branding.

Over time we have developed our approach, which we carry out with each website using our tested processes, that involves a series of sprints throughout our production process. We will ensure that you are involved with every step of the production, to make sure that your new website looks and works exactly how you want, to fit your business needs.

Our office is led by a management team that boast decades of industry experience, always working cohesively amongst each other in our office, if you have any query throughout or after the creation of your website, we will be on hand to help you and resolve the problem together. We combine our expertise and knowledge to create a full-service agency covering all disciplines from commercial approach to visual aesthetics.

Our office is full of hardworking individuals that are dedicated to giving you the best possible online presence. At Next Pixel, we believe first impressions count, and we understand that quite often your first point of contact with a potential customer is your website. So, we do not hold back on quality when it comes to the creation of a website.

We will study your industry with you in order to find the optimal time to send your website live, to ensure the best results for your new site. Upon completion of the project, we will also share your new site on our website’s portfolio and share the project across our range of social media accounts, to ensure maximum exposure on launch day.