The Wildlife Trust for Sheffield and Rotherham



    The Wildlife Trust for Sheffield and Rotherham exists to build a better future for people and wildlife.

    We are the biggest voluntary sector nature conservation and environmental regeneration organisation in South Yorkshire, with over 6,000 members, 40 staff and an annual turnover of about £1.8m.

    Our aim is to work alongside local people to protect and enhance the environment of Sheffield and Rotherham. We also work to increase the public’s understanding of the natural world and provide opportunities for people to enjoy being outdoors.

    Our environmental consultancy Wildscapes is dedicated to the provision of high quality ecological and environmental services to the public, private, and voluntary sectors, and to the creation of beautiful, sustainable and wildlife rich environments. We work to promote the value and importance of biodiversity, eco-systems and green spaces which are all vital to the future existence of business, communities and people. We specialise in land restoration; landscape creation, maintenance and management projects; ecological assessments; developing wildlife gardens for businesses and the community and sustainable drainage systems.

    We employ local people and suppliers contributing the regeneration of communities; we provide training, work placements, volunteering and work experience to people aspiring toward careers in the environmental sector. We strive to work with all sectors, organisations and individuals that have an interest in or responsibility to consider the environmental impacts of their work. Our services are designed to maximise the value of green spaces and are delivered with a detailed sensitivity to habitats and conservation. We are committed to working in mutually beneficial partnerships to achieve our mission and in doing so we seek to complement, develop and improve our existing portfolio because a sustainable environment requires sustainable business.

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