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The knowledge and support to steer your business away from hidden threats and towards opportunity, improving financial outcomes and helping build a brighter future. Experian Business Assist is built around your business, so you can make better informed decisions to manage risk and maximise opportunity. Experian provides small businesses with the tools and solutions to take a closer look at businesses and companies around the world, understand and manage their own business credit score, and improve their marketing with market leading business data tools.

Benefits of using Business Express Credit Reports (Subscription)

Free Trial and 20% off Experian Business Express Credit Reports (Subscription)

Credit Check your customers and suppliers with Experian Business Express credit reports.

Barnsley and Rotherham members/customers are entitled to a Free Trial and 20% discount on the product subscription.

Experian Business Express has one of the most predictive scoring models in the industry, which lets you easily determine the creditworthiness of your business’s customers and suppliers. Based on Experian’s scoring model, Business Express can help you predict business credit risks and failures within the next 12 months.

Once set up, you’ll have immediate access to all the data you need to make the right decisions for your business. Our commercial credit reports provide the most complete and in-depth analysis of a business’ credit information.


Features include

  • Business information including credit scores and limits
  • 3 years account summary
  • CCJ information over the last 6 years
  • Basic monitoring service
  • Non limited business reports
  • Parent and ultimate holding companies
  • Directors and links to other business interests including shareholders
  • 3 years’ worth of full financial information
  • Payment data for Limited and Non-Limited businesses
  • Ownership – Group structure, shareholders & director search facility

Benefits of using B2B Prospector Marketing Data

35% Discount on Experian B2B Prospector

Experian B2B Prospector helps you find new customers fast. Your small business marketing relies on up-to-date business marketing data. Knowing that your data is segmented and targeted to your most profitable business prospects means you can lower your marketing costs and conduct your sales campaigns with confidence.

Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber members or customers are entitled to a 35% off any purchases made.

Choose exactly the kind of businesses you’re looking for, review them before you buy and start contacting them immediately – by email, phone or through the post.


Build a list of your ideal prospects with Experian B2B Prospector

  • Over 5.3 million UK businesses with names, postal addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Segment, target and tailor your list by geography, business type, turnover, number of employees and many more
  • Set a specific number of contacts to suit your budget.
  • Free Data Validator to ensure you fulfil your GDPR obligations by checking data you have purchased from Experian’s B2B Prospector

Enhance data you have by adding up to 60 data variables to help you get better insight and help segment your existing portfolio. Also provides a FREE data profile report.

Benefits of Checking Your Own Business Credit Report with My Business Profile

Free Trial and 50% Discount for My Business Profile Subscription

See how banks & suppliers view your Limited Company credit score with My Business Profile from Experian.

Includes a 90-day free trial followed by a discounted subscription for Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber members and customers of £12.50 + Vat per month (50% discount) for continued usage. Cancel at any time.


Check and improve your business credit score

Being denied company credit can be bad news for your business, especially if you need finance to grow.

If your business has been refused credit or struggled to secure new finance, you’ll know how that can impact your plans. But is relying on your personal finances really the answer?

With My Business Profile, you get full visibility of your business credit profile, enabling you to understand what’s affecting your company credit score and preventing you from being able to obtain that all important company finance.


How does My Business Profile help?

  • Find out the top 5 factors influencing your score
    Give yourself the best chance when applying for business credit, by working on the areas that are affecting your score
  • See what lenders see when making credit decisions about your business
    This is one of the only reports of its type to include commercial CAIS data, making it the most accurate and fully comprehensive view of your own business credit profile
  • Automatic Alerts
    Receive alerts about significant changes, so you can act quickly to reduce any negative impacts to your score
  • Customer Support
    On-going advice and support to help make your business credit score the best it can be

Benefits of Using Business Express Credit Reports (PAYG)

50% off Experian Business Express Credit Reports (PAYG)

Instantly credit check a UK business online.

Barnsley and Rotherham members or customers are entitled to 50% discount on one off UK credit checks.

Experian business credit reports enable you to instantly check a company online, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions about potential customers and suppliers. Single business credit reports give you quick and simple access to online business reports and directors information.


Know who you’re dealing with

  • By checking your customers
  • By checking the people behind a business
  • By checking your suppliers


Get paid on time

  • By knowing if a company is financially stable
  • By seeing a company’s credit rating
  • By finding out how quickly a business pays its invoices
Business Express Credit Report (Subscription)

Business Express Credit Report (Subscription)

B2B Prospector

B2B Prospector

My Business Profile

My Business Profile

Business Express Credit Reports (PAYG)

Business Express Credit Reports (PAYG)

Free Business Knowledge Hub

Free Business Knowledge Hub

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