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  • Barnsley Council Public Health has partnered with DrinkCoach

    Barnsley Council Public Health has partnered with DrinkCoach to commission a new digital platform with access to free online appointments to help residents cut down their drinking. DrinkCoach allows people to assess how risky their drinking is and receive personalised advice online. The website also......

  • 10 top tips for line managers Work and cancer series – for employers

    Read the full guide here When an employee has cancer or is caring for someone with cancer, they will need your support. They may be dealing with physical, emotional and financial issues. These tips will help you support your employee when they have been diagnosed, and......

  • Facing redundancy what employees should know

    As a result of coronavirus, many businesses are struggling to make ends meet and find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to make some employees redundant. For an employee losing their job, this means that they are likely to experience worries overpaying bills and......

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