Town Centres

The Chamber are heavily involved in the management of both Barnsley & Rotherham Town Centres.

We are well represented at various meetings and have say in some of the most important decisions which affect both the town centres.

To find out more about how the Chamber are involved, call us on 01709 386 200.

Barnsley Voice

Barnsley Voice is the dedicated Barnsley Town Centre working group which aims to enhance, promote and support town centre retailers in Barnsley and to ensure the future sustainability and growth of the town centre through working in partnership with BMBC and the Chamber of Commerce. If you require any further information or you want to get involved email Robert Teale at

For details of meetings, current issues and the latest campaigns visit the Barnsley Voice website.

Rotherham Voice

If you require any further information about Rotherham Voice and Rotherham Town Centre please email

Contact the Chamber for further information 01709 386200.