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We received a call from Rachel Nunn of BR Chamber a few weeks ago to see how we were during the current strange situation. The timing was good, as we had been struggling to get any sense out of our Bank over the HM Govt Coronavirus Bounce Back Loan Scheme. Although she didn’t have a direct contact herself with our specific bank, Rachel was good enough to make a few enquiries on our behalf and obtained for us a direct email address for the bank’s Regional Relationship director, who happens to be based in Sheffield. Unfortunately, despite Rachel’s best efforts, here we are 2 weeks after contacting the “Relationship Director” and five weeks after originally writing to our branch on the matter, and still waiting for a substantive reply although I have finally received an email today that may just have resolved the issue,Thank you to the BR Chamber for your support.

Rhys Taylor - Taylor Tuxford Associates

As with any membership, you get out of it what you put into it. Recently, I've made some fabulous connections with members of the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber by attending virtual networking events. I have connected with the members on linked in to learn more about them and their business and then arranged subsequent one to ones to explore potential collaborations. These one to ones have resulted in workshops being delivered together as a team and becoming referral partners`` I use my membership and it works for me.

Claire Cahill accendo coaching

I have been impressed by the pro-activity of the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber during the COVID-19 crisis. We work on the frontline of Social Care. Rachel from the Chamber called us first. We did not need to call them. This has not only proven to be of real practical use but provided an important emotional boost. We knew our concerns were being taken seriously with the help of Andrew Denniff the CEO and immediately felt supported. Beforehand we had felt extremely isolated.’

David Coldrick HomeInstead

GrowTraffic accessed HR support through the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber to help us deal fairly, kindly, and responsibly with a colleague who was experiencing some health issues. After a telephone consultation a representative came to visit our office and devised a personalised action plan. We have been able to call several times to check we were acting correctly and fairly and the advice has always been accommodating to our relaxed business culture and practical.

Hannah Weinhold Grow Traffic

Just want to give a shout out to Shane Young for his valuable business advice this morning and outlining the support available through Rotherham Council and the Chamber of Commerce. Really appreciate you taking the time to explain all the business support plans in more detail and I feel so much better for it, so thank you.
The Chamber are always helpful at any time of need for myself and my colleagues. I have always felt as though the support is a 100% available throughout the creations of our export documentation with extra feedback available. We hope that tis will continue going forwrd and develop and even better relationship between both parties.

Ben Knox Green Origins

I would like to thank Vanessa for all her help in supporting me though the difficult times with Covid-19. With her professional support and linking me to a great contact called Adam who is a self employed accountant, he spent time on the phone explaining things my own accountant didn’t tell me. I would like to thank both Vanessa and Adam for their time and without the support of the Chamber this would not have been possible.

Vicky Keyworth Letzgroup