Chamber Utilities

Utilinet Yorkshire are the new trusted Business Energy Partners of Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce.

All Business Energy Support and Services are provided free as part of your Membership subscription.

Are you aware that the Chamber Utilities procurement and advice service provides?

  • Full strategic advice on the best way to reduce your long term energy budget for your specific company, via this procurement process.
  • The full comparison of prices from 23 commercial energy suppliers.
  • We can present to you into a contract up to 4 years in advance at todays’ prices.

Are you also aware of the brand new service that Utilinet has organised – The Energy Consortium where members have the ability to taken advantage of a £10m spend as a collective way of reducing their pricing.

Most importantly we give the Chamber promise that we will advise you of the best solution for you, even if it is to stay with your current supplier.

Do you have multiple sites or special requirements? We can help.

All supplies must be verified and during the process we will complete the following tasks:

  • Confirm your contract end and cancellation dates, with the central database and the suppliers.
  • Terminate your current contract at the correct time (so you do not accidentally roll into another contact with your current supplier) – this cannot and does not break your current contract.
  • Confirm your current rates.
  • Supply you with a full comparison document of the cheapest suppliers.
  • Organise the contract from your preferred supplier which is generally the cheapest (remember the contracts we negotiate are fixed price).
  • We will manage the whole procurement process and confirm what is happening at each step of the way.

Please do not feel pressured into signing a new contact with your current supplier. Ofgem have ruled that you cannot longer be rolled into a new contact unless you are a corporate customer ie more than 250 employees an £50m turnover. Please send any letters or emails from supplier so we can best advise you.

Not sure what to do, confused, having trouble reaching a solution? Would you like to more about our services.
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