Young Chamber Membership

A great start for young people.

Research shows there is a growing gap between education and employment. Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber believes that young people need contact with the business community to gain valuable skills, knowledge and experience to complement their academic qualifications. The Chamber recognises that schools and colleges, and their staff, also need help and support which is why we have created Young Chamber, a membership scheme designed specifically for schools and colleges.

Young Chamber membership allows schools to benefit from the Chamber’s connections with local and national businesses. We aim to bridge the gap between the world of education and the world of work, providing you with access to local businesses. Becoming a member of your local Chamber of Commerce will give your pupils an insight into the world of work by hearing from businesses directly. This will help them develop the crucial employability and soft skills which employers value. The Chamber can also help schools develop the skills and knowledge of your senior leadership team and governors, providing opportunities to meet and learn from local businesses and gain an understanding of the local labour market. Our various membership packages are below.

Take advantage of the following benefits:-

  • Access to all standard benefits of Chamber membership
  • Local business intelligence (e.g. relevant Chamber reports, analysis of QES and Workforce Surveys for local schools, local labour market analysis, business trends)
  • Business and education forums with local businesses people
  • Support recruiting Business Governors
  • Entry into National Education and Business Partnership Chamber Awards
  • Business talks from local employers
  • Access to national business conferences and summits
  • Mock interviews for up to 100 students
  • Chamber organised careers fair or joint event between the school, Chamber and business
  • One article per annum, included in newsletter and website, to have your news heard and elevate your school presence
  • Visits to local businesses for students
  • Work experience coordination at an additional charge per pupil

Helping Young People Succeed In The Workplace

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