President’s Recognition

President Recognition

The new Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber ‘President’s Recognition’ aims to put a spotlight on local businesses and recognise those members that have overcome the numerous obstacles and hurdles the South Yorkshire Region business community has faced in 2020.

This special ‘President’s Recognition’ has been launched by Chamber President, Joada Allen, in response to the numerous examples of businesses she has encountered throughout 2020 who have continued to show business distinction, innovation and entrepreneurship in the face of adversary.

We want to hear from businesses who have had to adapt, modernise and show leadership in their industry and community in the face of the global pandemic, and the resulting changes to how you conduct business, maintain the wellbeing of your workforces and ensure the safety of your customers.

This special recognition will identify those business who have shown business excellence throughout 2020, maybe you have reacted to the pandemic in a way that has seen you retain jobs or even win new business or you may have changed the operations of your business to reflect the new online virtual business environment of the ‘new norm’.

If you believe your business has shown examples of business excellence, we want to hear from you!

The President’s recognition is open to all members of Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber to nominate their own business or nominate another Chamber member who they believe deserves recognition. Simply complete one of the two forms below to enter your business or a business you believe deserves to be recognised.

Why enter the President’s Recognition?

  1. We want to give you the opportunity to celebrate your successes in the face of the difficulties encountered in 2020. This is a great opportunity for you to stop and reflect on your achievements which might otherwise pass by unrecognised.
  2. Send a positive message to your team We want you to send a positive message to your employees that their company is performing admirably. Through the shortlisting process we want to see examples of employee recognition, so you can also provide recognition to an employee or team that have contributed to your success.
  3. Send a positive message to your customers Reassure your customers by showing confidence in how proactive you are in supporting them and your communities through difficult times and how you continue to show business excellence and success.
  4. Generate awareness throughout Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber This recognition will give your company something to shout about and provides great platform for your business to be recognised throughout Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber network.
  5. Increase your credibility This is a great endorsement for your business by being recognised will send out positive signals to customer and is a fantastic way of differentiating your company from competitors.