Procurement Policy

Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce

Procurement Policy

1. Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber will only source products and services from its members, unless no member offers the product or service required at the right quality or value.

2. Where the value of an individual contract for goods or services has a value (or annual value) more than £1,000, procurement will be by submission of competitive tenders.

3. All members will be given an opportunity to submit tenders to provide goods and services in their field of operation. There may be a requirement for the successful bidder to have or achieve a minimum standard of legal or technical qualification.

4. Where Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber wishes to procure goods and services, it will post a description of the goods and services required on its website. The description will be proportionate to the goods or services required. It will be the responsibility of the member to check the website regularly.

5. This policy will be published on Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber’s website and will operate in a transparent manner.

6. Invitations to tender for the provision of goods and services will have a cut off date. Any tenders submitted after the cut off date will not be considered.

7. Information supplied by businesses tendering to supply Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber will remain confidential.

8. Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber expects our suppliers deliver their services in a fair and inclusive manner.

9. A decision to place an order for goods or services will be made on criteria such as:

  • Price/value for money;
  • Environmental impact;
  • Quality of product and/or service; and,
  • Speed of delivery,

as specified in each invitation to tender.

10. Wherever possible verbal feedback to unsuccessful tenders will be given. Any feedback will not disclose commercially sensitive information about Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber, the successful bidder or the unsuccessful bidder. There is no appeal process.

11. This policy may be amended from time to time. It will be reviewed annually. Any variations will be published on Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber’s website.