Secure Power launch brand-new website

Secure Power launch brand-new website

15:42 10 April in Member News

Secure Power, a family-run business with a nationwide presence, is a provider of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and generators which helps organisations to protect themselves against any power disturbances. The company was established in 2010 by Jonathan Morley and together with his brother Nick Morley they developed the company to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of UPS and generators.

However, there is a reason why Secure Power is now the leading provider of emergency power solutions. We have undergone numerous transformations during the past 9 years, from office relocations and market expansion, to the addition of new team members, each making their own contribution to our company portfolio. All these developments have brought us to where we are this week – launching our brand-new website!

The new website is simpler to use, making it easier to find the right information, and most importantly – it’s engaging! The website will contain photographs of the Secure Power team, demonstrating the company’s culture and offering videos which explain the advantages of using Secure Power compared to other critical power providers. The new website is fully renovated from the old and has moved from product-based to experience-based.

Our hope is that the new website will help customers to better understand the different emergency power options available, discovering how they can protect themselves against power disturbances, and discovering the benefits and disadvantages of each UPS and generator product.

To check out the new Secure Power website, just go on the link, or if you would prefer to have a friendly chat to discuss any of your requirements, please feel free to call Secure Power on +44 (0) 800 080 3118.

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