TV drones reveal bird’s eye view of Wentworth Woodhouse

TV drones reveal bird’s eye view of Wentworth Woodhouse

10:59 02 August in Member News

Fans of South Yorkshire’s forgotten palace, Wentworth Woodhouse, will be given a bird’s eye view this Sunday night (Aug 5).

The stately home now being restored for the nation is to star in a new series of Hidden Britain by Drone.

History and travel enthusiast Sir Tony Robinson uses the latest aerial filming technology to show viewers stunning new aspects of the UK. Dispatching flying cameras of every shape and size, Tony opens up the far reaches of Britain throughout the series.

In Episode One, to be aired on Channel 4 at 8pm on Sunday, drones soar above Wentworth’s historic hidden treasure and its grounds and give detailed aerial views of the majestic house created between 1725 and 1750 for the Marquesses of Rockingham.

A spokesperson for production company Windfall Films said it had chosen to film over Wentworth Woodhouse because, despite its illustrious past as one of the grandest stately homes in Britain, many people have never heard of it.

“Once one of the most important, politically powerful and ostentatious places on earth, its glittering life came to an end in the 20th century. Years of neglect have seen the house spiral into disrepair. Today, only our drone can see its true majesty,” said the company.

Sarah McLeod, CEO of Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust, which took over the house in 2017 to restore it for the nation, said: “The house has starred in numerous TV programmes in its own right and has been the backdrop to many a blockbuster movie. But never before have the cameras been able to convey its huge size and majesty and its rich architectural features. The drones give us incredible insight – a real bird’s eye view. We hope everyone watching will feel inspired to book a tour to view our wonderful interiors, and sponsor a new slate for the roof, which is in dire need of repair, by joining our Make Your Mark In History Appeal.”

For information about tours and how to sponsor a slate, go to

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