Chamber Net Zero service

Net Zero - Helping members with Energy Management and Energy Efficiency

How can becoming Net Zero benefit your business?

  • Lower your operational costs
  • Attract new customers, suppliers and investors
  • Create a competitive green advantage
  • Qualify for business for tax breaks and benefits
  • Build a sustainable supply chain
  • Achieve your Net Zero business goals

The future of Business is Net Zero

Becoming energy efficient is something all businesses are now striving to do as we all build towards a new Net Zero future. Implementing a thorough energy management strategy has never been more easier for many businesses throughout Barnsley, Rotherham and South Yorkshire.

Managing your energy usage should be a fundamental part of every businesses energy management strategy, as we all look to achieve Net Zero by 2050. Despite this, the focus on energy management is often neglected, even with businesses wasting on average 20% of the energy they use, by implementing the right strategy can help save on costs, reduce emissions and attract investment and innovation to your business

Through our accredited energy partners, they’ll provide the tools your business needs to improve your energy performance and hit those crucial Net Zero business credentials.

Simply complete the Net Zero Energy Management Form below and we’ll pass your information onto our accredited Chamber partners who will be able to conduct audits, offer advice, and get you the right information on how to move your business to a Net Zero future.

10 areas of energy management


Switch off

Save energy by turning off lights, computers, air conditioning and other equipment at the end of the day. Analyse data to find any consumption waste when the business is closed.


Occupancy sensors and timers

Install motion sensors to limit lighting and air conditioning to occupied periods.


Buying green energy

Buying REGO backed green energy generated from renewable sources will help you meet net zero Scope 2 emission reporting.


LED lighting

Replacing old lighting with new LED lighting can provide a 50% energy reduction.


Electric vehicles

Upgrading company vehicles to electric and installing EV charging points will reduce emissions.


Smart building tech

Smart sensors, building management systems and artificial intelligence (Al) will control and optimise a building’s performance.


Boiler upgrades

Old boilers can have a thermal efficiency as low as 60% which can increase to 98% with a new condensing boiler.


Heat pumps

Heat pumps provide hot water to a building and can provide efficiencies of up to 600%.


Building insulation

Improving insulation in buildings will use less energy but can be expensive to execute.


Onsite generation

Photovoltaic or solar thermal panels and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) are a good way to generate onsite power, reducing reliance and costs from external power sources.

Our accredited partners

Net Zero Accelerator

In June 2019, the Parliament passed legislation requiring the government to reduce the UK’s net emissions of greenhouse gases by 100% relative to 1990 levels by 2050. Doing so would make the UK a ‘net zero’ emitter.

This led to Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council declaring a climate emergency in September 2019 and have set out their aims to achieve net zero carbon within the council by 2040, and across the borough by 2045.

Businesses must respond to these requirements from both legislation and demand.

As a response, we launched the Net Zero Accelerator: an exclusive project for 36 ambitious Barnsley businesses to contribute to net zero.

What is a Net Zero Accelerator?


The Net Zero Accelerator was a project of free and intensive support delivered during 2022 from The Business Village, designed exclusively for 36 innovative businesses based in the Barnsley area who had high-impact potential for contributing to the net zero carbon emission targets.

Professional Energy Purchasing

PEP offer an award-winning, comprehensive energy management service which includes electricity, gas and water procurement; site installations; energy compliance; energy efficiency audits to identify potential savings; and Net Zero planning to help businesses achieve government climate targets.

What do PEP offer members?

✓ Free initial discussion with the team at PEP to understand what the business wants to achieve.
✓ Further consultation to discuss costs and begin to build a plan.

Jason at PEP has supported us every step of the way with our energy-efficiency journey, providing us with endless opportunities to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. The installation of the solar panels took only 2 days to install, and we were up and running instantly. The project was delivered on time, to the expected budget, and to an exceptionally high standard. We are excited about the 4.6 tons of carbon we will save annually, as well as the financial gains we will make of £3,833 per year once the investment has been paid back.

Steven from Arden Winch

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