šŸ“£ Exciting News!

We’re over the moon to announce thatĀ CygnetĀ Health GroupĀ #SouthYorkshireĀ is joining us as the latest sponsor for the Neurodiversity to Neuroinclusion Live Event 2024 in June!

Cygnet was established back in 1988 (almost as old as me!) and has been a huge pillar of support. Offering diverse health and social care services to young people and adults all across the UK.

From mental health needs to autism and learning disabilities, Cygnet’s dedication to fostering inclusivity is on point! šŸ’Ŗ

We’re incredibly proud to collaborate with major South Yorkshire organisations like Cygnet Health Group, building a strong community of neuroinclusive champions in our region.

If you havent already signed up to attend what are you waiting for! Click the link below to secure your place!

below to secure your place!

18th June Event

if you canā€™t make Junes don’t worry we’ve got you covered with another in Oct! Click below to register!

02nd October Event

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