SteelPhalt (Harsco)

SteelPhalt has been developing and manufacturing high performance asphalt products for the UK roadmaking industry since the 1960's.

Based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, SteelPhalt is ideally located to source slag cost-effectively from the surrounding steel industry – a sustainable way of making asphalt since at least 95% of the product is recycled. With a reputation for first class products matched by a commitment to innovation and sustainability, SteelPhalt works in partnership with councils, local authorities and contractors nationwide to deliver durable roads for a sustainable world.

Steel slag has inherent properties which make it ideally suited for use as a surface course for roadmaking:

  • exceptional strength and durability of steel slag extends the life of the road and lengthens road maintenance intervals
  • steel slag achieves high skid resistance and maintains it throughout the whole life of the road as a result of its capacity to regenerates its surface roughness over time
  • avoids use of quarried materials, and avoids landfill of residual slag product

Standard Materials

SteelPhalt manufactures asphalt products according to British/European Standard (BS EN 13108) specification:

  • Asphalt Concrete mixes (Macadam)
  • Hot Rolled Asphalt mixes
  • Stone Mastic Asphalt mixes

Specialized applications

SteelPhalt has also developed a range of products for specialized applications:

  • SteelStop
  • SteelFlow
  • SteelPave
  • SteelSurf


SteelPhalt (Harsco)

Sheffield Road, The Ickles, Rotherham, S60 1DR