AESSEAL® announces shift to electric vehicle fleet MD calls for Government incentives to make green investment financially viable

AESSEAL® is to invest £250,000 to introduce electric vehicles at its Rotherham headquarters.

In the first stage of its campaign to adopt a greener transport infrastructure, in support of the Government’s drive towards abolishing the sale of fossil fuel vehicles by 2030, it will purchase a company van and two pool cars this year. Charging points will also be installed at its Rotherham and Bradford sites for employees and visitors who have electric vehicles.

AESSEAL® recently announced that it had achieved net zero carbon emissions across its UK operations and is on track to achieve global net zero by 2029 and launched a global campaign – Betterworld – to drive collective action to mitigate climate change across all industries.

Managing Director Chris Rea stressed that there will be no financial return on investment for the electric vehicles and infrastructure, and that the move was based purely on AESSEAL’s commitment to the environment.

He said: “The only reason to do this is non-financial. We feel strongly that somebody has to lead the way in being an early adopter of electric vehicles, despite the lack of financial incentive to do so.

“For AESSEAL, electrification of our UK vehicle fleet is an act of faith. We see it as a laboratory for the future, which will enable industry leaders to evaluate what makes sense for both businesses and the environment.”

Mr Rea added: “At a time when private businesses are already facing significant financial challenges, there is little incentive to make this kind of ethos-led decision and, if the UK Government is serious about creating a more environmentally sustainable future, it is imperative that the gap between investment and return is narrowed.”

AESSEAL intends to make itself a live ‘test case’ and a detailed study of the pros and cons of green fleet vehicle investment will be posted on the Betterworld website, alongside proven and costed studies of all other investments that are helping the planet. 

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