AESSEAL plc Receives Prestigious RoSPA President’s Award for 11Consecutive Golds in Health and Safety

AESSEAL plc, a global leader in sealing solutions, based at Mill Close in Rotherham, is thrilled to announce
that it has been awarded the RoSPA President’s Award, marking more than 10 years of exceptional health
and safety performance. This accolade, given after scoring annual gold awards for more than a decade,
solidifies AESSEAL’s position as a pioneer in maintaining exemplary safety standards within its operations.

AESSEAL’s record reinforces its position as an industry leader in promoting health & safety. The company’s
proactive approach to identifying and mitigating risks, implementing robust safety protocols, and fostering a
safety-first mindset among its workforce was instrumental in achieving this distinction.

David Montero, International Business Assurance Manager of AESSEAL plc, said: “Receiving the RoSPA
President’s Award is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our entire team to prioritise safety above
all else.”

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