All aboard the Master Cutler

In keeping with a tradition which has evolved over the past few years, the Master Cutler, Nicholas Cragg, accepted an invitation to ride in the cab of the London-bound Master Cutler train.

On this occasion he was accompanied by the Mistress Cutler and Wayne Barnett from East Midlands Trains.

The original train, which first ran in 1947, actually carried the Master Cutler nameplate. Nowadays, it is a designated East Midland service with ‘Master Cutler’ displayed on the platform information board.

“Travel is a key part of the Master Cutler’s year, especially to attend many meetings and events in London. This journey today is among the highlights of my year. Who wouldn’t want to ride in the cab of a train? It has been every kid’s dream.” said the Master. “This is a train ride I have really looked forward to. Like many people, I have made this journey many times and I feel very privileged to travel up front for the first, and probably only, time in my life.”

The crescent-shaped Master Cutler headboard, presented to the Cutlers’ Company by British Railways (Eastern Region) and Firth Vickers Stainless Steels, in April 1959, is now on display in the Cutlers’ Hall.

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