Ambitious project planned for Iconic Empress Building

A pre-application has been submitted to Doncaster Council, proposing the conversion of the top floor of the iconic Empress Building into 12 luxury holiday lets. This ambitious project is set to become a valuable asset to Mexborough and its local businesses, addressing the increasing demand for high-quality accommodation in the area.

The proposed holiday lets aim to meet the needs of visitors attending a variety of events at the Empress Building, including concerts, soul nights, celebrity events, private parties, and weddings. By offering centrally located, high-quality accommodation, the development is expected to attract more tourists, thereby boosting the local economy through increased spending on dining, shopping, and entertainment.0

Jemma Evans, General Manager of the Empress Building, commented: “We are incredibly excited about the potential of this development. Transforming the top floor into luxury holiday lets will not only enhance our guests’ experience but also contribute significantly to the local community. We are committed to ensuring that this project is carried out with sensitivity to the historic and architectural integrity of the Empress Building.”

Jason Mace, Owner and Investor of the Empress Building, added: “This proposal aligns perfectly with Doncaster Council’s goals of promoting tourism and sustainable urban development. By repurposing an existing building, we are maximising the use of existing infrastructure and minimising environmental impact. We believe this project will bring new life to the town centre, create job opportunities, and support local businesses.”

The development promises to enhance Mexborough’s appeal, potentially starting a trend for more high-quality accommodation options in the area. However, it is set to spark lively debate among community members. Will these holiday lets transform Mexborough into a thriving hub for tourists and boost local commerce, or will there be opposition due to concerns about changes to the historic building and community?

The Empress Building management welcomes feedback from the community and looks forward to discussing the proposal further with Doncaster Council.

For more information, visit the Empress Building website

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