An innovative leadership and business development programme

An innovative leadership and business development programme

10:28 12 September in Training


In many businesses, ‘management’ is one of the few jobs that people get promoted into for being good at something else! We see lots of people in management positions who have all the ‘technical skills’, but not the crucial ones – the leadership skills!

Growing, developing and leading a business can be tough (and lonely!) and a challenge for many business leaders is developing other leaders – people who will help them drive their business forward. We’ve had a number of our clients ask us to deliver a programme for such aspiring leaders and managers – so, we have! In fact, it’s been so successful, this is our 14th programme!

Our ALP! Programme is for up and coming Leaders and it Accelerates them through a proven business leadership development process to help them maximise their Potential as they help you grow and develop your business.
This innovative programme will help them…

– Make real business improvements in the areas you feel are important
– Develop their own leadership and commercial skills
– Maximise their business and personal performance and potential
– Constructively challenge what you do as a business
– Deliver results NOW and in the future!

How ALP! Works..

You put forward your ‘rising stars’ and ‘existing managers’ who need to develop their skills
We help you ‘brief’ them to ensure that they (and you) maximise the 5 month programme
They join other aspirational leaders on the ALP! programme
They attend a programme of 7 stimulating and practical ‘half day’ business and personal development training workshops
They implement ideas and make real impacts in your business and develop their leadership, commercial and personal effectiveness skills.
Working with others ‘not from their world’ means they share ideas, solve problems, benefit from others’ experience, and make useful business contacts.

All participants receive:
– Comprehensive workbooks, assessments and toolkits to help them make real impacts
– Ongoing telephone and website support throughout the programme
– Access to contacts, resources and further support information

What’s the investment?
As well as at least 7 half days of their time (and some of yours), the investment for the programme is £995 +
VAT for each participant

What’s in it for You, Your People and Your Business?

  • Your people develop and maximise their performance and potential in key leadership and commercial areas
    to make an impact in your business
  • The practical group sessions give them proven tools and techniques to maximise their potential and make a
    real difference
  • An integral element of the ALP! programme is the chance to share ideas, problems and experiences with
    people from other businesses. By exploring the issues together, they benefit from the knowledge of ‘others’
    from different environments
  • You support, and learn from them too – we help you link it to your business development issues
  • You and your people make new contacts, build and develop new relationships, and maximise opportunities!


the sessions run from 9.00am until 1.00pm and are as follows…

Session 1: The Leader I Will Be!: Tuesday 9th October 2018
Successful leaders take a proactive approach. This session helps participants look forward, and vitally, move forward.
They’ll look at their own role as a leader and how they ‘measure up’ against our 8 Characteristics Of Effective Leaders. We’ll help them identify their own personal strengths and weaknesses, and crucially identify the steps they need to take to achieve their goals and targets. This session will also help them (and you) to maximise their own personal effectiveness back in the workplace. This session helps participants…

  • Understand the difference between management and leadership
  • Think and work ‘strategically’.
  • Identify how they ‘measure up’ against our 8 Characteristics Of Effective Leaders.
  • Develop their own Maximising Leadership Potential plan.


Session 2: Communicating For Results!: Tuesday 6th November 2018
Being an effective ‘communicator’ is a key characteristic of successful people and this session helps participants
develop their own personal communication skills. How they represent your business and themselves when meeting
others is fundamental, and we’ll help them ‘get to grips’ with the principles of interacting with others in and out of your business. It’s definitely not about ‘double glazing’ selling techniques and ‘scripted’ responses, but it’s about building rapport, effective questioning, listening, creating the right impression, making an impact and maximising relationships and opportunities for themselves and your business. As well as understanding their own communication style, they’ll learn how to identify others and take the steps to improve the way they communicate with different people.
This session helps participants…

  • Identify the key characteristics of effective communicators
  • Understand their own ‘communication’ style
  • Improve their questioning, listening and rapport building skills
  • Develop their own networks to help maximise opportunities for themselves and your business


Session 3: Making Marketing Work – What It Really Means!: Tuesday 11th December 2018
Our definition of ‘marketing’ is “finding, attracting and keeping the customers that you want” and that means it involves EVERYONE in the business.. This session gives participants the tools to understand what marketing really means – and what it means for them! It’s about ‘Thinking in 3D’ and being ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different’! They’ll learn about developing a strong, focussed approach to marketing, and identify steps to help differentiate your business in the marketplace. It’s also about proven processes for innovation and business improvement – expect them to come back with lots of ideas to help move your business forward! This session helps participants…

  • Marketing – what it is and what it means for you
  • Differentiating your business – what’s your ‘Dramatic Difference’?
  • Demonstrating your Dramatic Difference’ and the role of leaders in making that happen
  • Making improvements in the areas that count.


Session 4: Forget CRM, Think MCR! Maximise Customer Relationships!: Tuesday 15th January 2019
This is all about delivering great customer experiences that create ‘Delighted’ and ‘Devoted’ customers! Participants will identify the barriers to great customer service in your business, and generate ideas to overcome them! They’ll learn all about creating consistently great customer experiences and increasing levels of loyalty and repeat business. Crucially, they’ll also explore opportunities and develop techniques to build stronger, more profitable relationships with your existing customers and come back with ideas to help identify and create more opportunities with them.
This session helps participants…

  • Remove the blockages to great customer experiences in your business
  • Create ‘Delighted’ and ‘Devoted’ customers – it’s all about exceeding expectations!
  • Maximise relationships and opportunities
  • Assess themselves as a role model and the steps they need to take to do it better.
  • Making improvements in the areas that count.


Session 5: It All Makes Commercial Sense – Maximising Profitability: Tuesday 5th February 2019
The vast majority of people working in business do not understand profitability and, most importantly how they can (and do) impact on it (positively and negatively). This session will give participants the tools and techniques to maximise financial returns. This is not a lesson in ‘finance’, it’s about understanding what makes ‘commercial sense’, maximising financial information and identifying opportunities to maximises profitability. As a result, they’ll develop a ‘Route To Profitability’ for your business and crucially identify specific steps to improve profitability. Ideally, they’ll put at least one element of this into practice immediately back in your business before the next session!
This session helps participants…

  • Identify the common blockages that stop businesses maximising their profitability
  • Understand our ‘Routes To Profitability’ model
  • Identify how they can create their own ‘Route To Profitability’ for your business
  • Take ACTION in at least one area of your business to improve your bottom line.


Session 6: Maximising The Performance Of Others!: Tuesday 5th March 2019
Effective leaders engage and maximise the performance of others – they create other leaders! This session helps
participants improve the way they manage, motivate and maximise the performance and potential of others. As well as exploring the principles and benefits of effective ‘engagement’, we’ll provide them with practical tools to help them make it work in your business. They’ll learn how to deal with, and get the best from, their people, including any ‘problem performers’ they might have, and we’ll give them the tools to maximise the performance of others, their colleagues, their suppliers, their support staff, and even their bosses!
This session helps participants…

  • Understand the principles and benefits of creating a team of committed, motivated and effective people
  • Improve the way they lead and ‘motivate’ their team
  • Get the best out of individual team members
  • Develop a ‘clear plan of attack’ for maximising people performance


Session 7: Keep Accelerating!: Tuesday 26th March 2019
The ALP! programme is a ‘spark’ – its aim is to help individuals develop, and then, keep developing! This final session is an opportunity for individuals to ‘take time out’ to identify the areas that they need to work on to improve performance.
It’s about exploring the principles of Innovation’ (the successful exploitation of new ideas) and personal effectiveness (focus, prioritisation and ‘time management’). It’s also an opportunity to review their learning, their successes and their progress. Crucially, it’s about looking forward and identifying the key steps they need to take to build on this after the programme has ended. The result is their own Personal Acceleration Plan that they will complete to help them ‘keep Accelerating’!
This session helps participants…

  • Understand the key ingredients of making ‘innovation’ work and identify opportunities to make it happen in your business
  • Identify and overcome the blockages that are hindering their personal effectiveness
  • Review and reflect on their learning and their progress
  • Develop their own Personal Acceleration Plan to help them drive things forward

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