Ask Zoe … about Agility!

Whether you call it agility or adaptability, Zoe Wadsworth, founder of Ask Zoe, is the master!

If you don’t know the Ask Zoe story… well, let’s just say that Covid put an end Zoe’s previous business overnight!

But out of the ashes rose a phoenix and Ask Zoe was born, quickly becoming an award winning enterprise.

John Laroche said, “Adaptation is a profound process to success.”

And three years on, there’s another adaptation to shout about.

What does Ask Zoe do?

Ask Zoe provides specialist business and marketing strategy services, with a marketing intelligence focus.

Based in Barnsley, but helping business owners throughout South Yorkshire and beyond, Ask Zoe hosts online business founder communities, delivers in-person strategy masterclasses, and works one-to-one with business owners.

After winning multiple awards, helping countless businesses to scale and grow, and having the most successful Q1 to date, Zoe Wadsworth now wants to give something back.

The Local Community

Ask Zoe has always been involved in supporting career events at local schools, offering work placements to FE students, and raising funds for charities… but now Zoe is personally taking this to the next level.

Supporting young people has always been a passion for Zoe.

Onside Youth Zones, a national charity supporting young people, is currently preparing to launch in Zoe’s hometown of Barnsley.

Delivering results such as …

  • 77% of young people using the network say they are more self-confident
  • 85% of frequent users have more friends
  • 73% say they feel less isolated
  • 70% consider that they are healthier

… when the opportunity to work with them as a Hybrid Senior Philanthropy Manager, Zoe knew she couldn’t refuse.

The future

Ask Zoe will continue in its planned growth, putting its customers at the forefront of their business activity as always.

But Zoe herself will now also be giving back to her local community, in a way she could only dream of.

She sums it up perfectly.

“It is so exciting to be taking these next steps in growing Ask Zoe, even more so that we’re able to provide an opportunity for young people in our community further. Plus, our customers will benefit greatly from working collectively together on the Ask Zoe Strategy Days and together we can help work towards rejuvenating the sector and our region after a difficult few years.”

If you would like to know more about the support offered by Ask Zoe, visit their website: Ask Zoe Strategy Day – Ask Zoe or support Zoe’s journey with Onside Youth Zones via LinkedIn:  Zoe Wadsworth | LinkedIn

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