Automation – Swap The Past For The Future

Automation – Swap The Past For The Future

15:14 07 October in Member News

Without significant digital process adoption and improvement, there’s no way Startups and SMEs can deliver significant business process improvements.

Traditional methods used in the production of software to perform automation tasks such as approval request routing, generation of actions based on results of data analysis, website form submission management, repetitive task handling take a long time, and are, therefore, costly to produce.

Starting with a requirements specification to be produced by the person wanting the software, it is then used by the software developer to produce the application. The development of the defined software takes a considerable time and often, because things change, by time the application is completed, what you wanted at the time of the specification, and what you have received is not what you need now.

By adopting No-Code tools, the person who requires the application in effect becomes both the person who defines the requirement and the developer. As things change, he is able to adjust the development of the application on-the-fly. Typically, a usable solution developed in this way can take a few days compared with weeks or months with traditionally written software.

It would be naïve to think the use of a No-Code tool does not come with its own learning curve. The developers of tools that you should consider adopting minimise this by creating a significant on-line presence, including user groups, training videos and providing a number of basic templates, which provide not only education but a starting point for your own development. Additionally, the best developers of No-Code tools are working hard to lower the barriers to entry and raising the level of capability of what they can do.

‍Croft Solutions specialise in creating, optimising and automating Business Processes with Low Code tools.

We provide consultancy services, training and develop Low Code templates that can be used as-is or a starting point to extend their functionality.

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