Barnsley boy gets help to travel in safety

Three-year-old Barnsley boy Jude Bostock is now travelling in safety, thanks to provision of a specialist car seat from Newlife.

Jude Bostock

Jude has the genetic condition Angelman Syndrome as well as global developmental delay; because of his condition he can’t walk or talk, he has low muscle tone and poor head control.

Jude’s occupational therapist told his parents that the standard car seat they were using was dangerous for him because – in an accident – he could be at risk of breaking his neck as his head flopped forwards when he fell asleep in the car.

Dad Mark Bostock said: “After the assessment we became scared to take him anywhere! We avoided going out if it wasn’t necessary. When he had medical appointments we would worry about the car seat and if he would get there safely.”

A specialist car seat with a harness and additional supports to keep Jude’s head and body properly positioned was £680, which was beyond the family budget. So they turned to Newlife for help.

Mark said: “The new car seat has been a godsend – it’s completely changed our lives for the better; we do not worry as much because we know he is secure. What’s good is the car seat is adjustable, so as Jude grows it can too.”

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