Barnsley cleaning product manufacturer launches game-changing household invention

Barnsley cleaning product manufacturer launches game-changing household invention

10:34 20 October in Member News

Barnsley-based cleaning product manufacturer, Cares Laboratory Ltd, today announces the launch of a new brand and its latest innovation – the Rapid Dryer Ball, by Boss It.

Following the success of Cares Laboratory’s Vamoosh range – which uses uniquely-patented technology to help pet owners keep their homes clean and has sold 3.3m units since launch in 2017 – the business has created a new product to meet consumer demand and support with the cost of living crisis.

The Rapid Dryer Ball, which has been developed by Cares Laboratory’s Queens Award-winning team, through a rigorous 5,000-hour long lab-testing process, uses HeatBounce™ technology to distribute heat evenly throughout laundry to eliminate moisture and significantly speed up the drying process saving money, time and energy as well as up to 40% on tumble dryer bills as the winter season approaches.

Cares Laboratory’s newest innovation will be stocked in 450 stores of the UK’s leading variety good value retailer, B&M later this month.

Since the start of 2022, the Cares Laboratory team has doubled its number of full-time employees and is planning to expand further with the launch of the new Boss It brand, and dryer ball, the first product in the range.

Tom Abbey, Managing Director of Cares Laboratory, said: “We ‘ve been creating innovative products from our Barnsley lab for many years now and our mission has always been to help everyday people find the most effective solutions to daily household challenges.

“With people across the UK continuing to face increases in their energy bills as a result of the cost-of-living crisis, our goal was to create something to revolutionise the laundry drying process and save people money, time and energy during winter. The Rapid Dryer Ball will cut costs considerably for those using tumble dryers throughout the colder months, making it perhaps one of the most important household innovations yet, and it’s just the start of many more incredible inventions to come.”

To find more information on the new Boss It brand and Rapid-Dryer Ball, click here.

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