Barnsley Sea Cadets in search of Corporate Partners

Barnsley Sea Cadets are in search of corporate partners who can help them fundraise throughout the year. The charity is currently raising money to improve their current building facilities.

The group is aiming to repair their roof which is currently leaking water and causing damp; re-furbish damaged toilets as the current ones have been affected by damp and renovate the classrooms which have been left for years without about TLC.

This year the cadets are aiming to raise the money  to cover the costs of these projects. The group relies on donations as they don’t get any support from the government.

Barnsley Sea Cadets is a registered charity which supports young people aged 10-18 to excel through adventurous training, out of the box teaching and continuous personal development.

Unit Assistant, Maddison Brown: “Barnsley Sea Cadets has supported me for years. When I was 13, I joined the cadet group, I was incredibly shy, struggling in school and I found it difficult to make friends. 10 years later, I have really come into my own, I have a great career and friends across the world thanks to Barnsley Sea Cadets.

I know how much the charity is making a difference for so many kids in Barnsley. We provide them with qualifications to get into university, career workshops, confidence and team building sessions and great community links.

Many of our cadets have go one onto serve our country in all areas of the armed forces and others have gone into engineering, manufacturing and procurement.

I see many cadets who start with us have not had much support in parts of their lives and sometimes we see cadets who have been part of anti-social behaviour groups. After a month or two at cadets, you really wouldn’t believe the difference in their personality, motivation, focus and determination.

We are true supporters of Barnsley; we help a number of other organisations such as BIADS and Cash for Kids. We have also had a cadet safe someone’s life because of the excellent first aid training she has had through cadets.”

If you’d like to help Barnsley Sea Cadets reach their goal and support so many children in the area, please contact Maddison at [email protected] to discuss charity of the year partnerships, fundraising ideas and material or work donations for their projects. v

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