Be Active even during a crisis

On Monday 23rd April 2020, the UK found themselves in the middle of the Covid-19 world pandemic, resulting in the government implementing a lockdown to help save lives and prevent unnecessary pressure on the NHS. We continue to be asked to follow the government guidelines of only going out for necessities ie food and medication, to not travel unless it is essential, however we are allowed to exercise daily to maintain our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Social distancing must be implemented though when we go out which means we must stay 2 metres apart from everyone unless they are part of your family and they live with you.

With these challenges and restrictions in mind how have you been keeping active?

Here is the list of top 10 activities that me & my family have completed or want to complete and continue to include in our daily routines.

1. Walking – On average we complete 5000 steps per day and the goal we’ve now set is to increase this to 10,000 steps per day.

2. Bike Riding – My husband, Martin and my eldest son, George are exploring lots of new places, woodland and waterways being out on their bikes for approximately 30-60 minutes every other day. The challenge now is to get me & my youngest son, Henry out on a bike!

3. Virtual karate class – George normally attends his karate class every Thursday & Saturday totalling 4 hours per week plus travel time so being able to complete 3 classes per week for 40 minutes a class via zoom has been a fantastic alternative to maintain his skills.

4. Football in the garden – Not quite the same as 3 times per week for Henry, however every day he is practising his football skills and shooting in the goal.

5. Cricket in the garden – This has taken me back to family holidays as a child where we used to play cricket at the side of the caravan, on the beach or in the park so being able to throw a ball and hit it has been great. We’ve just had to be mindful of the windows on our house and our neighbours!

6. Running – I used to love cross country and long distance running as a child so now is a great opportunity to get me from couch potato to 5km and it’s not that I don’t know anyone who could help & support me because one of my coaching clients, John Cannon is only a phone call away aswell as the option of a downloadable app, so what’s stopping me?

7. Badminton in the garden – I have been watching my neighbours play this and occasionally I’ll throw the shuttlecock back over the fence. We have a badminton set in the garage so now is a great opportunity to get it out and compete with the neighbours over the fence.

8. Dancing & Exercise DVD – I love dancing and as a child was always in the studio, I can even remember some of the tap routines. I also used to complete an exercise dance DVD twice a week in my living room saying to my brother in law “I will get a Kylie bum even after children” where did the motivation go?

9. Riding a scooter – Henry went out on his scooter when we had a walk to the shops and on the way back he was busily eating an ice cream so my inner child burst out of my body and I rode his scooter. It was hilarious and we have video footage too. I didn’t realise how much vibration comes through the handle bars depending on what surface you are riding on.

10. Virtual Yoga – I once attended a pilates class and really struggled so never went back, however now I am practising being more present maybe now is the time to try again so that I can strengthen my core.

What are the activities that we are missing during the lockdown?

  • Swimming which also included walking to the healthy living centre
  • Playing in the local parks on the swings, slides and climbing frames
  • Football matches and training

These are the questions that I now need to answer and invite you to do the same as part of our reflection time.
How many of these activities will we carry on in the ‘new norm’?

  • How much money are we saving by choosing virtual options?
  • How has our wellbeing improved by completing these activities daily?
  • How can we make sure we continue to build these every day activities into our new norm?
  • What activities have you been completing?
  • What else would you add to the list?
  • On a scale of 1-10, where would you rate your current ‘be active’ on the wellbeing wheel.

Please email [email protected] for a copy of the wellbeing wheel which was originally designed by Debbie Inglis as part of our 5 Ways to Wellbeing workshop



Claire Cahill is a Confidence and Leadership Coach specialising in Employee Engagement which gave her the material to write her books

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