Beyond Physical Combat: Understanding Self-Defence Starts with Listening to Your Gut

Beyond Physical Combat: Understanding Self-Defence Starts with Listening to Your Gut

09:27 04 April in Member News

When anyone mentions self-defence, thoughts usually pop up of physical fighting, being faced by someone attacking you and having to use combat to defend yourself. In reality, self-defence is inherent and starts at the very first feeling that you have when something isn’t right. We all get it, gut feeling is now proven to be linked with our neural system and fires off the very first warning that we may be in danger. We often choose to dismiss and ignore it, yet if we paid attention and understand all the signs being presented we could avoid almost all the trouble we will ever face.

We are often told not to judge someone as soon as we meet them. Again, this is unavoidable as we will have made a snap judgment within 30 seconds of meeting someone new, again, this is built in self-defence. If you are confronted with someone angry and shouting at you are you I likely to stick around. This is classic confrontation where pride steps in and we ignore the obvious, get into a fight and end up suffering a consequence, and it can be very devastating.

If we are taught properly and understand our situation and spatial awareness we will be able to avoid nearly all of any trouble that we are presented with. By using education we can improve confidence and make people understand all the warning signs so we can simply walk away.

That being said, if we have ignored all the warning signs and walked headstrong chest out into trouble, what can we do to defend ourselves? Most martial arts tell you that they teach real street defence, but they are still teaching to prescribed rules, rules that will not apply in a street situation and can often leave the most seasoned martial artist stuck in a real street fight.

The good news is violence figures have been dropping for some years now. Since 1995 where 4.7% of the population experienced some sort of violence to now where we have managed to keep the figure under 2% from 2014. We are getting better with each other, and if we really dig back in time we have been since the mid 1600’s! So, with education and the proper training we can continue sailing into a brighter safer future where violence is concerned, regardless of the negative press we usually hear from the media. Let’s face it, humans naturally gravitate to the negative, the press know this and that’s how they sell their stories.

Instincts Training Ltd has been set up to help with the education, psychology and reality of potentially violent situations. We teach everything from the gut feeling to the last resort physical aspect, using know to work techniques from psychology and self-defence experts. We don’t want you to be in a violent situation, but if you are we want you to get home safe.

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Kieran Bridges
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