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Balancing Business Today with a Renewable Future

It’s that time of year again when the winter woollies come out, the clocks go back, and the heating gets turned on.

Because of the pandemic, energy suppliers are still unwilling to quote for certain sectors that have had the most severe impact and have introduced risk premiums for others adding even more pressure onto those businesses.   Our team are working hard to mitigate these risks for customers where we can.

With even colder weather around the corner and a high probability of a La Niña winter which would create an earlier than normal cold start to UK weather, prices are forecast to continue to rise to the end of 2020.

Our Zero Carbon Future

As businesses continue to grapple with COVID-19, the Zero Carbon 2050 target is still a big consideration looming in the background.  There has been a lot in the press over the last few weeks around potential strategies to supply renewable energy sources to replace older outdated ones.

Boris Johnson announced a £160m investment to build wind turbines to power homes across the UK by 2030, creating thousands of much needed new jobs.

Rishi Sunak also announced potential proposals for a UK-wide carbon tax at the end of the year that could raise billions of pounds while encouraging the drive towards net-zero emissions.

Businesses can start by developing ambitious sustainability targets and energy efficiency plans to make immediate savings.

Reviewing operating processes against consumption data, making small changes to old equipment such as lighting, and investing in behavioural change will help move the business forward on this journey.

Having employees suitably qualified to make strategic decisions and set up robust company policies on energy management is essential, as is raising awareness in all individuals on how to reduce energy use at home and in the workplace.

The collective decisions we make in the next 6 to 18 months will no doubt determine the future of our society, our economy, and the planet.

Professional Energy Purchasing is the Energy Partner for the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce and has been saving businesses thousands of pounds on energy for years.  They provide a full energy management service including procurement and efficiency improvement planning.

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