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Brearley & Co have been established for over 40 years with offices in Swinton, Mexborough, Dinnington, Barnsley, Chapeltown and Doncaster. We are committed to delivering exceptional client care and value-added services. With a vast network of connections, we serve as a comprehensive business house offering a wide range of services.

At Brearley & Co, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach, efficiently managing compliance matters while working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs. Our team have an open, friendly, and responsive approach, ensuring that you always receive the best advice and support.

Our success is built on a core principle – the importance of teamwork and close collaboration with our clients. By actively listening to our clients and leveraging our experience, we consistently deliver optimal results tailored to their specific goals.

One of our key objectives is to empower you to work on your business, not just in it. We understand the challenge of maintaining perspective when you are deeply involved in your business. That is why we offer a fresh pair of eyes, providing objective insights to help you gain a complete view of your business and drive success.

At Brearley & Co, we are more than just accountants – we are trusted advisors dedicated to your success.

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