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Security Systems by Castle Security, Conisbrough

Based in Consbrough, between the South Yorkshire towns of Doncaster and Rotherham, Castle Security are the one-stop shop for all things security related for your domestic or commercial property.

We can supply and install:
•Security cameras (CCTV) in Conisbrough, Doncaster - catching thieves in the act
•Burglar/Intruder alarms to attract attention to burglary and break-ins
•Access control systems, preventing unwanted visitors at the entrance
•External Security lighting - seen as the number one deterent to burglars and thieves
•Access barriers, preventing vehicle access before they get onto your property
•Intercom systems, to speak to and verify visitors before they access your office or home

Our security systems can reduce break-ins and theft in Conisbrough and Doncaster, control access to your property, catch thieves and burglars and actually act as a deterrent to help prevent crime from happening on your South Yorkshire property in the first place.

For any questions regarding security to your property, give us a call on 07836 515016.

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