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"evolution34 was founded to solve the problems my clients struggle with, but don't have to; making small changes can lead to the massive improvements they dream of" I help my clients achieve their Health, Fitness and Wellbeing goals.


I am the Yorkshire and East Midlands No. 1 expert in Type 2 Diabetes recovery, reversing my clients diagnosis and getting the worry off their find...and their families mind too.  This includes Gestational diabetes too.

Locally known too for Food Intolerance Testing getting curious people released from IBS, acid reflux, migraines to list a few of their possible symptoms, it's an absolute joy when a client has an aha moment and gets their life back on track.

I work with:

Individuals: diabetes, post heart attack recovery, and food intolerance testing

In-the-workplace: Nutrition Workshops and Menopause Awareness Talks

I am a Pilates Instructor specialising in Pilates for disabilities, operation prevention and recovery.

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