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Infinity Jewellers is a high street Jewellers, specialising in bespoke gemstone, wedding and engagement rings, which can be designed and made on the premises to your own requirements. Extensive choice of classic to contemporary rings in all precious metals, including platinum, yellow, white & rose gold and palladium. Unique to Infinity Jewellers ‘A Ring is Born’ – After learning the history and processes involved in making a wedding ring, let our Goldsmith guide YOU during the melting, pouring and rolling process. Give the ring that YOU made to your loved one. Each ring is professionally polished and finished by us. ‘A Ring is Re-Born’ – On the happiest days of our lives, we often desire to bring cherished memories from the past to join the new ones we are about to make. This can be achieved by incorporating inherited and symbolic jewellery into your newly designed wedding rings, transforming sentiment and memories past into future joy together. Each of these processes are fully documented and photographed into your personal story, only at Infinity Jewellers. All repair work undertaken including re-sizing, rhodium plating, stone setting, high quality polishing and restoration. Insurance evaluation reports upon request.

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