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Integra Quality was founded in 2019, to create a business consultancy which will help our clients to focus their vision and values and to knit them into the fabric of their organisation. 

Our people are our most valuable asset, and if we want to grow our businesses, it's important everyone is pulling in the same direction. Our teams work best when they feel like they know the answer to the question:

"Why are we doing this?"

Integra Quality's holistic systems approach will help your business to embed the answer right into your business management systems, whether in Quality Management, Food Safety Management or Health and Safety.

Victor has brought purpose and clarity to our safety improvement plan. He has fitted in and worked with us just as if he was a colleague within our own organisation. With a strong understanding of the law and excellent practical experience of risk assessment, he has helped us to clarify our objectives and make progress with the necessary steps to make our factory a safer place to work. I recommend him to any organisation which needs to give their safety improvement plan a kick-start