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We help clients avoid costly ‘bolted-on extras’ not aligned with their business, or seeking costly and ‘over engineered’ interventions such as accreditation to popular frameworks requiring ongoing costs to maintain. Peak Homes Yorkshire Ltd is committed also to low carbon refurbishments of properties with low EPC rates so as to improve insulation, ventilation and ongoing costs for heating, and in the process contributing to improved quality of homes for homeowners and tenants.


Peak Homes Yorkshire Ltd (PHYL) is a for-profit and purpose-led company with two main aims.

Firstly, this business provides support at an affordable cost to enable sustainability to be embedded easily in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) so as to increase their competitiveness and minimise disruption in the transition to a low carbon economy.

Secondly, in the refurbishment of residential properties, PHYL aims to improve energy efficiency through retrofitting and encourage reclamation and recycling so as to reduce waste sent to landfill from property refurbishments. In the process, homes will be less costly to heat and ventilate and alongside this will be the fostering of ‘low carbon’ refurbishments of housing stock with Energy Performance Certificates with low ratings.

The Sustainability Audit service for SMEs offered by PHYL is available to businesses across the UK that want to take action to not only reduce carbon emissions, but also to integrate social value (people internal and external to their business) and to do so in a profitable way.

Our service is delivered in a way that minimises disruption to your business, takes consideration of what you may be doing already, and uses the process to increase awareness, dispel myths and ensures clarity (instead of confusion) when using terms such as carbon emission, net zero, sustainability, social value and ensures your business can embed people, profit, planet (or social, economic, environment) features in a practical way and not to the detriment of your business.

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