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Professional Energy People - A complete energy management service for businesses.



Professional Energy People is a local independent Energy Procurement & Management specialist with over 30 years of experience in the energy market.

The team has saved members thousands of pounds in energy costs by working with all major utility companies in the UK to leverage the best prices for gas, electricity, and water.

They can also provide independent energy audits for businesses to identify potential savings through alternative renewable energy solutions and provide energy funding advice, successfully recouping over £100,000 in refunds for customers that have overpaid CCL (climate change levy) tax on their energy contracts.

Energy prices are constantly changing, which is why the team carefully identifies and quantifies potential areas of savings, advising customers when and how to purchase energy to gain the right price at the right time.

This service will:
• Ensure you are purchasing your utilities at the best possible prices.
• Carry out a survey to identify and quantify potential areas of savings across the business.
• Project manage the implementation of the identified recommendations following the above survey if required.
• Support you with any other energy management services you need for your business.

They are here to help and make buying energy easy for you.
Get in touch for your free energy review.

Tel: 0114 327 2645
Email: [email protected]

*Charges may apply for certain services after the initial consultation, these will be agreed in advance if applicable.

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