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We drive more sales in your business through leadership and training

As Your part time Sales Director™ and/or Sales Trainer I lead strategic sales help and sales training to ambitious businesses. If you have the desire to grow and deliver more and you feel you are currently not achieving the most you can with what you have, I am here to help.

We provide blended sales training that is recognised by the Institute of Sales Management (ISM) for its quality. We are one of less then 30 providers that hold this recognition. This is support by out leading online Academy and Free app "Sales Geek Hub"

Sales Geek’s experience in sales leadership is a powerful combination of strong business and sales savvy with a passion for forward thinking solutions with over 500 years of experience to tap into.

As well as your strategy we ensure you and your team have the right skill set, mind set and a winning team culture. Sales is as process driven like your other functions, there is a number of ways but we specialise in finding the great way suited to your business to do what you do and build a robust structure, processes, simple systems and high-performance culture in your business.

If you are ready to invest in increasing sales, connect with me at [email protected] or call me on (+44) 07532 775937 for a further chat.

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