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Here at Slice we are all about making our service accessible to all size of business. We have various packages and pricing structures that mean our clients can build a service that suits them and more importantly grow with them - we love to see our clients flourish!

SliceVA is there for you when you need an extra hand or an extra pair of eyes! You might have a to do list that is ever growing, a data heavy project that you just don't have time to do, or you want to review your business in terms of processes, customer journey or systems that you use. Outsourcing these this type of work Slice saves you time and money. We can do an exercise with you to show you how you can get these two precious items back and still keep your business growing.

SliceRecruit is a fixed fee recruitment service that focuses on your needs as the client. We don't have a database of candidates, each person applies specifically for your role, we advertise on all the major job boards and social media, screen every applicant and telephone interview the suitable ones before presenting you with a shortlist. We arrange all interviews and even attend them with you. All for one fixed project cost - doesn't matter the salary of the role or how many of the same role you are recruiting for! Upon placement of a successful candidate there is then one final placement fee. We guarantee that this cost and service will beat any other agency!

SliceHR is there to take the stress out of managing employees. Ever changing employment law and the media have given employees the voice they deserve but a lot our clients comment it has made it difficult to know the right way to manage staff now. We have flexible ways of working, from ad hoc by the hour rates, bespoke project costs, to short term retainers - we don't want you to over commit! We also work with other HR professionals in standalone roles or as an on site support where the company already has an outsourced remote HR service. We have template documents, policies and letters, the ability to conduct meetings on your behalf - or just be the person at the end of the phone when you need it.

Slice of Advice is our way of giving back to our clients and our community. With regular events, seminars and soon to come downloaded content, we want to support businesses in our local area (and beyond!) to grow (with or without staff) and be the best they can be.

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