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Specialised Movers is a Sheffield based removals company that specialises in storage and all aspects of commercial and domestic removals including houses, flats, offices, libraries, factories, hospitals museums, schools and local government facilities. Formed in 1985 Specialised Movers grew rapidly as one of the major removal companies of that time, at which point we sub-contracted our services due to our increasing reputation for providing a quality removal service.

As the reputation of Specialised Movers grew, so did the company in terms of fleet size and staff. Major clients began to approach us directly, and we quickly gained a portfolio of commercial clients who used us regularly, including Carillion, Balfour Beatty, HSBC, the NHS, The Inland Revenue, and The Home Office. These companies recognised that not only did we price our services fairly, but we also provided a high-quality service – ironically based on only using our own trained and experienced staff and not using sub-contractors. Our clients from both the public and private sectors have now used us for over 35 years. We do not take our customers for granted!

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