Businesses come together to help the Homeless

Local homeless charity Shiloh Rotherham hosted an event aiming to raise awareness of Shiloh with the local business community to find ways where business and charity could work together to tackle homelessness.

Businesses were invited to offer help in the form of financial support, clothing, food or employment and training opportunities. More than 10 local companies came together to see if they could help someone less fortunate and offer them a way back into work.

The event featured presentations by the Mayor of Rotherham Cllr Jenny Andrews and Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire’s Police Crime Commissioner. It was organised by Shiloh with support from Roy Hatfield Ltd who recently funded a new training room at the charity’s Support Centre. Director Mark Hatfield said, “There are so many great businesses in Rotherham and the surrounding area. I know from my discussions with companies that there is a real desire to support the local community in which we all live and / or work. This event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the incredible work Shiloh do and connect with business. The level of support on the day was terrific and I have no doubt it will lead to a closer relationship between Shiloh and the local business community to everyone’s benefit”

Shiloh Chief Executive Steve Wylie spoke of his vision to provide people with more than just accommodation, “Shiloh are not here to prevent ‘houselessness’, we want to stop homelessness. A home should be a safe place where you can grow and look forward to the future. So we’re working with partners to restore people and provide them with opportunities to make the most of the rest of their lives. One of the most effective steps out of homelessness is through employment and training. Rotherham’s economy is growing and we want to ask businesses to support us and open up opportunities for those that are being left behind.”

The event featured local employers Outokumpu, AMG Super Alloys, SteelPhalt (Harsco), SBD Apparel, D.A.Cooper & Sons Ltd, Special Metals & Engineering Ltd , MHH Contracting, Grange Landfill Ltd, RUFC and Roy Hatfield Ltd. There were offers of support made on the day which heartened Shiloh, Steve said “We’ve had employers come forward offering our guests paid work experience, and access to training. Others have pledged financial support, laptops and other equipment to help us continue supporting the homeless. This event has served as a reminder that local businesses care about their community and want to help where they can.”

The Mayor has adopted Shiloh as one of her charities for her year in office and Dr Billings is funding a pre-employment course at Shiloh. The course, run by The Learning Community, helps people learn the basic skills to get and hold on to a job. Tutor Karen Shaw says “Of the 7 people who have joined the course so far, 4 of them are now in paid work. There is a real hunger in Shiloh guests to get a job and move on with their life. All they need is a little coaching and the opportunity to progress.”

Shiloh’s Support Centre is on Station Road in Masbrough and opens Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings with training courses available outside of these times. Contact 01709559504 or visit for more information.

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