Celebrating 100 years of Council Housing in Barnsley

Berneslai Homes are delighted to be holding an exhibition on 7th to 9th August at the new Library @ the Lightbox in Barnsley Town Centre, to mark 100 years of council housing (The Addison Act) in the UK.

The Addison Act (Housing and Town Planning Act 1919) made housing a national responsibility and gave local authorities the task of developing new housing and rented accommodation. It became better known as ‘homes fit for heroes’, as troops returning from action at the end of the First World War created a huge demand for homes in towns throughout Britain. Council housing is now one of the town’s great assets. It’s touched the lives of so many people over the decades providing them with not only a place to live but a place to call home where families have grown up, lives have been shaped and memories made. Here’s a few quotes from tenants, from over the years.

Ex-miner Cyril Hall is 93 and still lives in the council house that he grew up in. “I was born on Foundry Street, which is under Morrisons’ car park now. My father got the keys to the house on 14th January 1926 and I’ve lived here ever since. Council housing was the best thing that ever happened.”

Pat Woodhead grew up on the Athersley South estate in the 1950s and 1960s. “We moved into Wingfield Road, Athersley South in July 1951 when I was 6 weeks old, from a single rented room in Buckley Street, which had no running water, no bath and no toilet.”

Berneslai Homes Chief Executive Helen Jaggar adds: “We would really like you to come to our exhibition to celebrate 100 years of council housing in Barnsley. It will feature touching tenant stories, videos and photos from the past and present, as well as memorabilia. Come along with your family and friends and help to celebrate one of our town’s great assets.”

The exhibition will be held at the brand new Library@ The Lightbox on level 3, on Wednesday 7th August 2.30pm – 4pm and Thursday 8th & Friday 9th August from 9.30am – 4pm.

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