Central Technology welcomes Steve Dono as Sales Director

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Steve Dono to the leadership team at Central Technology. Steve brings with him a wealth of expertise, having previously held pivotal roles as Sales Director in major IT companies. His impressive track record in sales leadership and business development within the Telecoms and IT industry makes him an invaluable addition to our team.

Central Technology welcomes Steve Dono as new Sales Director, elevating leadership team

In his newly established role, Steve will be leading the Sales, Cloud Sales, and Marketing teams, driving our strategic initiatives forward. His deep-rooted experience positions him perfectly to help steer Central Technology toward the ambitious goal of becoming the leading Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Cloud Services Provider in the UK. With a comprehensive focus on sales strategies, Steve will play a pivotal role in accelerating revenue growth across all sectors.

Rob Longden, CT’s Managing Director, underscores the significance of this appointment, ‘Steve’s role as Sales Director marks a vital step in the continuous growth and evolution of Central Technology. Beyond his impressive professional background, Steve’s values and passion for training, team building, and exceptional customer service resonate deeply with our own. We are excited to witness how he will introduce structured training and development plans, further enriching our ongoing success.’

Q&A with Steve Dono, Shaping the Future of Sales at Central Technology

Could you share your journey and background that has prepared you for this role?

Bringing over 25 years of industry experience in IT and Telecoms, my career trajectory has encompassed a range of senior sales and leadership positions, including founding my own business. Over the past decade, I’ve served as a Sales Director in IT services and hardware businesses, particularly those embracing the dynamic landscape of connectivity and communications.

What inspired your decision to join CT as the new Sales Director?

My earlier engagement with the CT sales team during my time at EE distribution highlighted the exceptional culture and dedication to excellence here. What truly drew me in was the strength of the Senior Management Team (SMT). A robust leadership team is essential for any organisation’s growth, and CT’s cohesive blend of knowledge, experience, and united purpose resonated profoundly with me.

How do you envision approaching your role in terms of strategy and leadership?

Central Technology boasts a commendable 20-year legacy of customer loyalty, built upon consistent service delivery. However, both CT and the IT & Telecoms industry have evolved rapidly. Our commitment to service excellence remains unwavering, and through structured engagement, we will educate our valued clients about CT’s transformation into a genuine Value-Added Reseller (VAR) and MSP. Additionally, transparent communication will ensure our contacts stay informed about CT’s developments and technology roadmaps.

What initial objectives do you have for the sales team in the short and long term?

My initial focus is on recognising our strengths, addressing areas that warrant improvement, and nurturing a cohesive team of sales professionals, account managers, sales support experts, and product specialists. With CT poised for exciting growth, leveraging our established relationships with vendors and clients will fuel this journey. By fostering a culture of pride, offering consistent training, and cultivating collaboration, we aim to be industry leaders, providing exceptional value to our clients. 

How do you plan to collaborate with other departments for sales growth?

Collaboration is paramount, as every department plays an integral role. Establishing a unified company goal is essential, where each department’s contribution is valued. Transparent communication channels will ensure that successes and challenges are shared through company-wide platforms such as briefings and regular updates.

In your view, what attributes are crucial for a successful sale team, and how will you cultivate them?

The bedrock of a successful sales team lies in hard work and teamwork. I firmly believe that by guiding hard-working individuals toward working smart and fostering effective teamwork, remarkable achievements can be realised. Continuous education and training will be pivotal in enhancing existing skills and bridging gaps to create a well-rounded team.

Steve Dono’s entrance marks a pivotal moment in Central Technology’s journey, promising an era of growth, innovation, and collaboration. With his leadership skills, coupled with his rich experience and commitment to excellence, we are looking forwards to a successful 2024 and beyond.

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