Chamber Keeps Tackling Transport Challenges

Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce’s Transport Forum is working with a number of partners to improve our transport system for both commuters and businesses.

Their Transport Forum balances its focus between long term strategic opportunities such as improvements to Trans-Pennine connectivity routes and nationally significant infrastructure projects like HS2 as well as more local issues where traffic light changes and minor junction improvements give quick wins for members.

The Chamber’s Transport Forum is made up of business owners who share experience, knowledge and an interest in keeping South Yorkshire’s transport moving. The group meets regularly with both Barnsley and Rotherham Councils, Highways England and SYPTE to discuss a range of issues facing
businesses and commuters and to influence them for the best outcomes.

Ann Beddoes, Transportation Manager of Barnsley Council said: “Barnsley Council recognises the many benefits of working with the Chamber and that the Forum is an ideal place to exchange information to get a real understanding of the needs of local businesses, for now and into the future.”

Matthew Reynolds, Transport Manager of Rotherham Council added: “The Transport Forum allows the Council to have an in-depth insight into the views of local businesses to help ensure the effective implementation and development of local transport schemes. The close collaboration of all partners involved within the Transport Forum ensures a cooperative relationship on major transport issues, allowing a single voice to be portrayed to infrastructure providers and regional decision makers. This is particularly important when discussing and forming a position on large scale infrastructure investment and the strategic issues facing businesses in our region.”

In addition to helping local businesses facing day-to-day challenges with the region’s roads, the group has also played a key role establishing local business needs where major infrastructure projects are under development. This work has included involvement with several ongoing consultations including HS2, Tram-Train, the feasibility of a new Trans-Pennine Tunnel and supporting the growing development of the region’s airport at Doncaster.

Clive Watkinson, Chair of the Transport Forum, said: “The Transport Forum gives our businesses a major voice in the way traffic and road-related issues are being addressed and we have a close working relationship with both local authorities and other public bodies in the region.

“We’ve been very successful in resolving many issue raised by our members. However, we can only act on issues we’re aware of. To achieve this, we’re dependent on the eyes and ears of our members. That’s why we’ve decided to issue an open invitation to businesses based in Barnsley and Rotherham to join us, so we can all help improve our roads and that we can raise and resolve issues we’ve not been aware of previously”.

Any business owner in Barnsley and Rotherham who is a member of the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber
can submit information to the Chamber’s Transport Forum via email at [email protected] or by
calling 01709 386200.

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