Ches Moulton Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Forum

Ches Moulton Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Forum

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As a certified stress management consultant my work involves benchmarking employers’ mental health risk management performance against relevant legislative and good practice standards.  I also work with employers to develop strategic plans to assist them in achieving those standards.  In addition, I provide individual support to workers suffering mental ill health issues in an occupational context in order to help them remain in work or return to work following absence.

I am able to assist in legal cases involving stress related occupational ill health by identifying the standards that employers should achieve in relation to occupational ill health and commenting on the extent to which those standards were achieved.  I can also advise on the effects that occupational stress management strategies (or their absence) have at an individual level.

I have over twenty five years of experience in the design, development and delivery of occupational mental health risk management and training programs. I am a leading expert on stress and how to control it. In addition to my work in the UK, I have worked for private and public sector organisations in Canada, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East.

Why I joined the committee …

Equality, diversity and inclusion speaks to a culture, and the culture impacts the level and growth within a society. As many individuals aspire to become a better version of themselves, the society in which they live and work becomes better as the culture also becomes better. I believe the society matures and becomes a better version of itself in large measure to the degree equality, diversity and inclusion become accepted processes involved in that maturation. I want to be a part of that exciting transition and growth.

I have a unique understanding of people, the innate drivers and triggers that move them forward…or backward. I’ve been fortunate to have lived and worked in three distinct parts of the world in which different cultures and processes are in play. My understanding and experience of needing to adopt and adapt to different thinking, both at a micro and macro level provides me with insight and experience I believe will benefit this initiative.

I achieve satisfaction from making a successful contribution to the community I now call home. Also the opportunity to meet new people.

Kieran Bridges
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