City Taxis and Y-P-L Cricket Announce New Partnership

City Taxis and Y-P-L Cricket Announce New Partnership

15:13 21 June in Member News

Leading taxi and private hire operator City Taxis is sponsoring the Y-P-L Cricket League for their 2023/24 season.

 The Y-P-L Cricket League is an independent cricket league that supports members of the community who want to play the sport at a non-professional level. The league comprises six teams with over 100 participating players, many of whom are driver-partners to City Taxis.

The teams compete for 30 overs between April and September, with games being played at local grounds across three of City Taxis’ operating areas: Sheffield, Barnsley, and Rotherham.

Through the sponsorship, City Taxis has donated over £500 to support the running of the league.

Irfan Khan, CEO of Y-P-L, said:

“Y-P-L aims to advance the game of cricket in South Yorkshire through sportsmanship, leadership, discipline, and hard work.

 “Our goal is to provide the opportunity, environment, and facilities to people of all ages and abilities to play cricket and improve their health and well-being.

 “Y-P-L want to especially thank City Taxis for their help and support to build a new brand of exciting and enjoyable cricket”.

 Sacha Skinner, Marketing Manager of City Taxis, commented:

“As a company that values giving back to our communities, we are always happy to support those who are trying to make a difference, and Irfan is a prime example of this.

 “The Y-P-L has already built a local and inclusive cricket community and with plans to do so much more with the South Yorkshire league, we are excited to be supporting the league’s growth.”

 City Taxis was recently acquired by the UK’s fastest-growing taxi and private hire technology platform, Veezu. With a strong focus on hyper-local activity, Veezu ensures that brands like City remain at the heart of the community and are empowered to continue supporting local charities, projects and initiatives.

 If you are passionate about cricket and are interested in playing, please get in touch with Irfan Khan on or visit

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