Coping with Covid: the hidden cost to businesses and their people

We’ve recently conducted some research investigating the impact of Covid to businesses, exploring the state of mental health in the workplace.

The research has revealed that there are wellbeing and productivity issues which may be invisible to business leaders.

We have published the findings in our ‘Coping with Covid’ report. Our report examines the issue of rising presenteeism, which may be masking the true business impact of poor mental health. The report also offers practical advice for managers on how they can build a supportive workplace culture to help solve the problem.

Some of the key findings include:

  • Last year employees reported an average 2 days off work due to mental health, at a total cost of £14bn per year to businesses.
  • 36% of employees said their productivity at work is negatively affected by their mental health at least once a week.
  • Only 46% of employees were highly engaged in December and 32% reported low morale.
  • There is a worrying disconnect between employees and HR leaders, with 35% of employees reporting their mental wellbeing as poor, compared to only 7% of HR leaders.
  • 25% of employees are looking for extra wellbeing support from their employer.
  • 26% of employees are feeling more anxious about work.


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