The Cutlers’ Company welcomes new Freemen

Mid-way through his term of office, the Master Cutler, Ken Cooke, the Freeman’s committee and members of the Company welcomed six new Freemen to the Company of Cutlers.

All were presented with a certificate of membership, a tie, a badge and a copy of the history of Cutlers Company: Mesters to Masters

In his opening address, the Master reminded everyone of the reasons for the establishment of the Company – to protect the cutlery industry from inferior products, to ensure the trade name was protected and to provide apprenticeships so that skills were carried forward into future generations.

“In principle nothing has changed,” said the Master. “We still protect the name of Sheffield throughout the world, we are part of the Made in Sheffield manufacturing brand promoting various companies and our Better Learners, Better Workers scheme ensures that young people are developing the relevant skills, for our hi-tech industries.

“Our scope now covers manufacturing and digital, and we know that we must remain relevant to the industry of this area. We know too that Freemen are the life blood of this company and you are joining more than 350 Freemen, all in manufacturing and all representing the best of the region.”

The new Freemen are Dr Christopher Brown, of Crowle Wharf Engineers; Michael Carter, of Vulcan Engineering; Richard Gould, of MetLase; contemporary knife maker, Dr Grace Horne; Stuart Mitchell of Stuart Mitchell Knives; and Mark Ritson of Inspec Solutions.

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