Empowering Change: Corporate Sponsorships Fuel Fundraising for Inspirational Documentary ‘When you Tri’

Organisations and individuals alike are enthusiastically embracing the fundraising endeavors aimed at generating vital funds through the impactful When You Tri documentary and campaign. 

The highly anticipated feature film ‘When You Tri’ is set to premiere in January 2025, bringing to the big screen the inspiring story of Lindsy, a world-record-breaking pram-pushing mum, charity founder, and multi-world duathlon champion. Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Wayne Sables, known for his award-winning works, ‘When You Tri’ is a compelling narrative that goes beyond the typical sports documentary genre. 

Audiences will be captivated by Lindsy’s bold quest to conquer the T100 triathlon – a daunting challenge that includes a 2k ocean swim, 80k bike ride, and 18k run. This daunting journey pushes Lindsy beyond her physical and emotional limits, igniting a movement for positive change and demonstrating the extraordinary potential within us all. 

At the heart of Lindsy’s mission lies a profound desire to make the world a better place. Her goal is to raise £100,000 to empower young people to lead healthy, happy and active lives. As Lindsy tackles the T100, she not only battles the elements but also confronts her own self-doubt and fears. Her journey is a testament to vulnerability, self-discovery, and the triumph of the human spirit, reflecting the universal challenges that we all face. 

When You Tri’ beautifully captures moments of hope, grit, and gratitude. Through Wayne Sables’ masterful direction, the film creates an emotional rollercoaster that will resonate deeply with audiences worldwide. Lindsy’s resilience and determination serve as a powerful reminder that with purpose and perseverance, we can overcome any obstacle and inspire positive change in ourselves and those around us. 

Viewers are invited to join Lindsy’s mission and discover the incredible capabilities of the body and mind when driven by purpose. By supporting the film’s goal to raise £100,000, audiences can contribute to empowering the next generation through Active Fusion‘s impactful work 

Businesses and individuals are eagerly joining the fundraising initiatives, participating in events such as Curly’s Athletes’ Big School Run and arranging motivational speeches by Lindsy herself. For those aiming to make a substantial difference, corporate sponsorship opportunities are also available. 

Be sure to follow ‘When You Tri’ on social media for exclusive, behind-the-scenes content and updates on this extraordinary journey or email [email protected] directly to find out more about how you can support. 

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